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Landon Rogers

White Knight Chronicles 2

Back at Balandor things have gotten worse as Grazel and Shapur, pactmaker of the Black Knight, in their knight forms alongside their army have begun attacking the city in hopes of weakening them. Leonard, knowing this and the fact he cannot use his knight for much longer without having part of himself damaged, still goes against them to a point as him to become unconscious. Yulie believes the help of the Moon Maiden hidden inside Father Yggdra will help but requires the Ark of the knight to become its pact maker. Searching through the tunnels she eventually finds it and becomes the soul of the last knight and appears before the battlefield in earnest using her bow to destroy all the enemy ships and damage the Sun King and Black Knight with help. Defeated, the team regroups and begins to set for the Redhorn Isle, location of the Yshrenian army. Knowing they cannot use their knights unless desperate for they must save their strength for Grazel and Shapur, they reside in the flying ship whilst the army of Balandor sails alongside the Windwalkers who pay their debt to the party from the previous game. On the ship Queen Cisna prepares all of Balandor for attack, although in battle a majority of the Balandor knights are destroyed, and it is by the help of Faria that they are able to turn the tides and begin winning the new war.

White Knight Chronicles 2


However, this is halted thanks to the Demithor, the beast the Free City of Greede rides upon, which turns itself to frozen stone to pause the Garmatha. With this advantage Leonard and friends instantly head for the fortress. There, Ledom reveals himself to be a fellow time traveler similar to Eldore who plans to join the knights to bring forth his former Lord and Master, Emperor Madoras of Yshrenia, from the past to establish a new empire and finish off Queen Cisna who carries the spirit of Queen Mureas of the Athwan Empire. He also reveals that Leonard is Madoras's intended vessel while the presence of the five knights combined triggers the Final Awakening, triggering Leonard's transformation into Madoras.

Without the knights, the party are forced to battle Madoras unaided until he is weakened, allowing Cisna to use her power to separate both Leonard and Madoras, causing the Emperor to disperse in the air. With Yshrenia defeated everyone returns to Balandor as the fortress begins to crumble under itself and into the ocean. Leonard, now unbound from the White Knight, places the Ark into storage. Although defeated, it is apparent Madoras survived the ordeal and resides in the rift readying himself to return in his own form without need of another's body.

The Knights' battle system is vastly different than it was in White Knight Chronicles. First off, you can learn healing spells for your knight, as well as moves that lower other's stats. Knights can also run around instead of taking small steps at a time. The loading moves system is the same for knights and humans.

She infiltrated the fortress along with the others. She watched Shapur dies as he was trying to get his ark back after the battle between five knights than fought Ledom. After Madoras was awakened, he killed Grazel, she was the only one calling out to "Setti" worriedly and then fought Madoras along with the party. Winning the battle, she went to Greede with Caesar. 041b061a72


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