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Buy Dress Pants

An example of an outfit is a plain white tee with black chinos pairing it with white sneakers for casual wear. For business, pair the black chinos with some button-down polo. Finish it with a blazer and your best dress shoes.

buy dress pants

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Buy things that are worth it and can live up to your standards. Try to stretch the fabric, and if it goes back to its original shape, it's good. Yet, leave it to the dress pants storage if it does the opposite.

The star of the show here is the cotton-wool twill fabric that imbues these trousers with the elegant drape of a pair of wool dress pants but the soft hand of your most worn-in jeans. The fine tailoring is just the cherry on top.

One of our favorite pairs of elastic waist pants comes from French label De Bonne Facture. This pair combines the design of your favorite pair of sweats with the luxe fabric befitting of a bespoke suit. The result? A tailored pair of trousers as comfy as your ol' reliable gym shorts.

For a spring-ready pastel pair, Paisley & Gray has unbeatable dress pants for $100. Available in light green, orange and pink, too, they work well for an outdoor affair or to switch up the same old black and khaki.

Want a more vibrant spin on the tried-and-true navy? This near-royal blue is handsome, with the pants having a flattering, tailored fit. Plus, they look exceptional with a buttoned-down plaid shirt (like this $7 one).

For its Weekday Warrior Dress Pants, Bonobos mixes the best features from a stretchy adventure bottoms and standard suit pants. This formula yields a pre-creased dress pant that's perfectly plain, and looks far more formal than it feels. A wide array of colors to choose from helps you match them to the shirts you already own, and several fit options help offer personalized sizing.

Uniqlo's softer approach to classic slacks results in a pair of dress pants with two-way stretch, so you'll never feel constricted. There's an elastic waistband, creases on both the front and back and the pants are cropped at the ankle, creating a more modern silhouette.

Brooks Brothers is an iconic name in the menswear industry. Not only do these dress pants further the brand's formalwear legacy, but they build upon it, infusing new performance fabrics and offering a more inclusive assortment of sizes. These 99 percent wool dress pants, for example, are offered in sizes 30 through 50, and they come pre-hemmed, making them wearable from the moment they arrive.

Stretchy dress pants rarely truly look the part. In the case of Lululemon's, for example, they might share the same shape and have just as many pockets, but the tiny details are off. The pockets are different; they don't feel the same to the touch. State and Liberty's Athletic Fit Stretch Pants pass the eye test, and they boast the same performance-minded features.

In most offices, chinos are OK. But some folks feel khakis are too casual. In place, try Everlane's everyday pant, The Athletic Fit Performance Chino. It's essentially a chino, but it's made with enough elastane to give it a dressy edge. Plus, it comes in a half-dozen colors and three fits, athletic, slim and other.

Do you ride your bike to work each morning? What about a 2.5 mile walk instead? Have you tried scootering? No matter your method, if you're a commuter, these are the dress pants you should wear to work. While, yes, being seen wearing wool dress pants on a vintage cruiser would be cool, wearing something more functional is the way to go. Rhone's Commuter Pants look modern, come in over a dozen colors and are made from the brand's proprietary fabric, FlexKnit, which stretches in four ways. Plus, there's a zipper pocket so your valuables aren't lost on your way in.

Although I argued that dress pants should be purchased without consideration of a jacket to match, Wills' Stretch Wool Trousers do have a matching top half. Made from a 60-40 mix of wool and polyester, these pants aren't lackluster on their own. In fact, they're a refreshing deviation from all of the deep charcoal and dark blue dress pants out there. Pair them with a black sweater or a white polo.

Below, I've rounded up a few of the best places to shop for dress pants online. All of the picks are flattering, comfortable, retain their shape, and don't require high-maintenance care. Some are pricier than others, but all of them are valuable purchases. No matter which brand fits your needs best, we feel confident that you'll be able to find your perfect pair of dress pants at one of the places we've chosen.

MM. LaFleur makes a slew of dependable work pants in sizes 0P to 22W, but we'd recommend checking out the Foster Pant ($195) first. The Foster Pant is a cigarette pant made from a cotton, nylon, and elastane blend that feels substantial but stretchy. With a thick material and a side zipper, the Foster pants smooth and streamline your shape, but balance out the close tailoring with slightly wider legs. They're also machine-washable. (Machine wash cold, no tumble dry for best results).

The best part is that the Foster Pant has a concealed button in the hem that allows you to adjust the length of the pants, so you can cater to different heights as well as different pairs of shoes. If you're trying to pack light for a work trip, the Foster pants' adjustable hem make them compatible with heels, flats, or a pair of sneakers. Find a full review of the Foster Pant here.

MM. LaFleur tends to be pricey, and $195 or $145 for a pair of dress pants may turn some people off. But, if it's a comfortable purchase, we think they're the best option overall in performance, fit, wearability, and versatility.

If your workwear search includes more clothing needs than dress pants, we also recommend MM.LaFleur for their Etsuko Dress ($195) and Morandi Sweater ($265). The former is a closet workhorse that never disappoints, and the latter is the perfect drapey desk sweater.

Boden is a UK-based clothing retailer with a history of prioritizing responsible sourcing, eco-friendly options, fair trade, and ethical practices in the almost 20 countries where its factories are located. And most of its dress pants come in petite, regular, and tall inseam lengths.

Boden's Richmond Pants also come in multiple colors, patterns, and multiple styles: classic, bootcut, and a 7/8 option. Sizes range from 2 to 18 usually. The company's petite dress pants offer more style options.

We also recommend the best overall option, MM. LaFleur's Foster Pant ($195) as a great pick for petite women, thanks to its adjustable hem that can shorten the pants without the nuisance of tailoring. Though they're almost $100 more expensive.

At $98, the Richmond Pants are still pricey, though most of our favorite petite dress pants are listed at similar price points. If you're looking for petite options that may cost less than Boden, we recommend checking out our other favorite stores like LOFT, Ann Taylor, and J.Crew and searching for their petite styles specifically. The initial prices tend to hover around $98 on average, but these stores are more likely to offer deep discounts of up to 40% to 60% off, so you'll likely find them to be cheaper.

J. Crew is a good stop for both tall and petite women since the company generally offers three inseam options for dress pants. It combines tailored classic styles, both neutral and adventurous colors and patterns, and sizing from 0 to 20 to make its options as versatile as possible. Plus, thanks to frequent sales that tend to include bestsellers, you can save yourself up to 40% off on closet staples by buying at the right time.

J. Crew offers a wide range of dress pants. You can find "tall" options with a variety of rises, silhouettes, fabrics, and colors. While some smaller specialty stores offer fewer options, J. Crew can cater to trends and unusual fabrics without sacrificing fit.

If you're looking for a classic dress pant without a high-rise, you may want to check out the Cameron Slim Crop Pant ($89.50) or Cameron full-length ($89.50), both in the all-season stretch material and with "Perfecting Pockets".

For $50, you're getting a pair of flattering, versatile pants that have stood up to over a year of consistent wear with minimal change in fit and performance. They can be too tight for some tastes in your true size, and they don't have pockets or adjustable hems, but they're one of our favorite options for work regardless of price, and the silhouette is flattering on different body types and heights (from 5'2 to 5'7 in our testing).

I'm Antonio Centeno, the founder of RMRS. I'm a former Marine Corps Officer with a BA in Evolutionary Biology and Philosophy (Cornell College 98') and an MBA from The University Of Texas at Austin (07'). I studied the Science of Style in London, Hong Kong, and Bangkok and have created over 5000 videos/ articles to help men dress better. Click here to discover more about our mission here at RMRS.

When searching for the perfect pair of trousers, you might find yourself getting caught up in current trends. Try your best to avoid trends, and this can leave you with trousers that are out of style relatively quickly. Finding a classic style, however, can help to ensure you get longevity from your dress pants.

The break of your dress pants is the crease or fold of your pant fabric created when standing as your pant leg meets the top of your shoe. Depending on your desired silhouette, you might want to opt for a different pant length or shape to achieve your desired break.

The break of your pants will depend on your preferred appearance and trouser style. The break can be anywhere from above the ankle on tapered, slimmer pants to beyond the top of the shoe, covering the laces.

If you are visiting a tailor, you will benefit from asking questions and letting them know the styles you like. If you are shopping off the peg, this guide should help you find suit pants that fit perfectly.

I might as well throw out all of my other dress shirts because I never wear them anymore ever since I bought Twillory shirts. The fit is perfect and the fabric is amazing. And they look really sharp too. 041b061a72


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