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Miss Connie Jones


20:26 As a person that could learn a lesson once or to do cabbage, only want or where you, there's some things you said going to take another another, another near-miss know. I was so adventurous that I learned first time, things like rubber track.

24:21 Theory of the respect of Pennsylvania with this a very interesting and complicated and maybe Native American sounding Rivers. Anyway Side by anyway, one year. We let it out. And Mom said we move to a house brother awake. Now, I don't remember that house. But she said when I started walking she had a time. So what age would you think that would be an idiot to no more than three? More than three? I was never. Wish you put me. My only play area was the porch. We had a small yard next to a fence on the other side of the fence was a rose. Then land leading down to the river in our small yard with a doghouse for Daddy's hunting dog. One day. I went missing for a. Of time. I don't remember this of course, but apparently this is why I'm told Mom tied me to the porch sometimes.

25:19 Yes. Adventures off the porch. It was raining and I guess the dog house was closer. They found me asleep in the doghouse. I can't even imagine what my mother went through. I'm sure God, prompted her to look inside the Dog House who looks for missing child in the doghouse. I'm guessing that I'm remembering is a sleeping child of three, two or three, looking out at the rain. From a small, smelly, dog house. I wonder if the same dog that went mad. I'll never know God, you are awesome, but

I view obstruction of justice, in its most simple terms, as actions that somehow interfere with the fact-finding or truth-seeking mission of a lawsuit. The record before us is replete with examples which, in my opinion, prove that the President of the United States intended to, and did in fact, obstruct justice. Specifically, I believe the President obstructed justice by corruptly engaging in, encouraging, and supporting a scheme to conceal evidence that had been subpoenaed in the Jones case; by encouraging Ms. Lewinsky to file a false affidavit in the Jones case; by allowing his attorney to make false and misleading statements to a federal court judge; by relating false and misleading statements to Ms. Currie and presidential aides in order to influence their testimony; and by intensifying and succeeding in an effort to secure job assistance for Ms. Lewinsky in order to encourage her to testify favorably toward the President in the Jones case.

Still, some of the same problems that faced Aldridge affect director Stafford Arima's production. The script is very British in style, but the actors are very American. And so is the Globe's audience, which may realize that the production is layered (and that even the title's meaning is layered), but may miss how it is layered. 041b061a72


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