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What Is The Best Family Suv To Buy

If you have a family, you are almost undoubtedly looking for a family-sized SUV that has the most appealing attributes. The answer to that quest is right here in this list of the 11 most appealing family SUVs, according to the consumers who own them.

what is the best family suv to buy

As it has done for decades, each year J.D. Power takes the pulse of thousands of verified family SUV owners in order to learn how they feel about their vehicles. And we use the word "feel" advisedly because the annual J.D. Power Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study measures vehicle owners' emotional attachment to their vehicles.

In this article, you'll find the 11 highest-rated 2021 family SUVs for appeal according to their owners. The list of the top-rated 2021 model-year Family SUVs includes Midsize SUVs, Upper Midsize SUVs (typically 3-row models), and Large SUVs. The vehicles are listed in ascending order by index score, so you'll find the most appealing family SUV at the end of the list.

One of the longest-running nameplates in automotive history, the Chevrolet Suburban is a traditional body-on-frame SUV that has become a premier family hauler. With seating capacity for up to nine people in three rows of seats, plus a commodious cargo area, the Suburban delivers a comfortable ride and doesn't feel cumbersome despite its size.

The Dodge Durango is a midsize 3-row SUV with the heart of a muscle car. Unlike virtually all of its competitors in the midsize SUV segment, it offers V8 power. And its SRT version features a 475-horsepower V8 and special suspension to match. Yet the Durango is a competent family vehicle.

Chrysler designed this minivan to look more like a luxury car than a family van. With an elegant dashboard design, leather upholstery, contrast piping, and even bolster pillows on the top-of-the-line Pinnacle edition ($54,167), you might forget it's a minivan.

Family FriendlinessCan't decide on captains chairs or a center row bench? You get the best of both: the middle seat in the center row pops out when you don't need it. And the multimedia system includes the Social Playlist and Cabin Talk features developed for the Odyssey, so it's easy to include everyone in the conversation and DJ'ing. There are three LATCH anchors in the center row, but none in the third row.

Wow FactorThis SUV is a looker. Its proportions and details are sporty and elegant. Buyers will appreciate its family-friendly features when the kids are in tow, but they'll love how it looks and feels when they have it all to themselves.

Wow FactorVolvo has taken the idea of family luxury to heart, infusing elegant design to every seat, incorporating a large vertical multimedia screen on the center dash, and even adding details like a cooled glove box. The Recharge models offer the true luxury of skipping the gas station.

This family-built 6- or 7-seat SUV has been a top seller since it was first introduced in 2018, and for good reason. The third row is built for full size humans, buyers can choose between center row captains chairs or a bench seat that fits three car seats, and there's still plenty of room for cargo. The Atlas also has enough options, including two different engines, AWD, and varying levels of luxury, so there's a comfortable price point for every buyer.

This family workhorse is a favorite for its reliability and interior space; the third row is sized for full-size people and good for daily use. For 2022, Honda added more standard equipment to this 7- or 8-passenger SUV and eliminated the base model. The 2023 model is expected to get a full overhaul and will likely add a hybrid to the lineup.

How It DrivesDesigned for daily in-town driving and family road trips, the 228 horsepower engine delivers confidence and comfort. For drivers who need added capability in rough weather, AWD is available for $3,650 more.

The smallest in the VW family of SUVs, this is a great SUV for the city or small families. It comes with a nicely edited selection of features. Even in the base model buyers get a full ADAS suite, connected phone technology, and roof rails.

How It DrivesThe main motor generates 225 HP, which is plenty to power this compact SUV confidently. But AWD adds a second motor and 95 additional HP, taking it to 320, more than enough for this compact SUV (though the range drops to 256 miles). Behind the wheel it's fun, responsive, and the one-pedal driving, called i-Pedal, is among the best at adding mileage back to the range.

Nissan has relegated budget driving to its smaller sedans and focused on practical luxury in the Maxima. It incorporates Nissan's best design details, from a sporty perforated leather steering wheel to leather seats and a driver-focused cockpit.

Performance from the diesel engine in the Palisade lacks the zing of lighter and more accomplished family SUVs lining up in this test, and its driving dynamics are not all that engaging, reducing its overall score among very capable company.

Substantial changes during its lifecycle and ongoing tweaks to a proven formula have ensured the 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe Highlander 2.2D maintains its position as one of the best family SUVs available on the Australian market.

The Chevy Equinox and the Chevy Traverse are similar in that they are both SUVs, loaded with safety features, and have tons of available options. The biggest difference, especially as it relates to families, is size. The Chevy Equinox seats five and the Chevy Traverse is a third row SUV that can seat up to 8. The Equinox has a smaller trunk area with only 29.9 cubic feet unless the rear seat is folded. The Chevrolet 2019 Traverse offers 98.2 cubic feet of max cargo volume. The best family SUV has to fit your family first.

Competition is red-hot in the family SUV sector, so no manufacturer can get away with offering poor value for money. This means each of our selected best family SUVs delivers plenty of bang for your buck, be it the bargain-priced Dacia Duster, the good-value Skoda Karoq or even the premium-priced Volkswagen Tiguan and Volvo XC40. The Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tucson are two more family SUVs that are great value for money, particularly when you take their long warranties into account.

The Kia brand has made a reputation for reliability, style and affordability in the family car market. The fifth generation Sportage does nothing to undermine that hard-won image. With generous proportions, plenty of safety kit and a high quality interior, the Sportage is an attractive proposition.

The number of choices available with the VW Tiguan means its family appeal is almost unparalleled. Swallowing all the paraphernalia that comes with family life, the practicality and spaciousness combined with a wide range of engines offers Tiguan drivers brilliant flexibility.

The long-running Toyota Highlander has been through a few identities over the years, ranging from a somewhat boxy, pseudo-rugged family carrier to a not-minivan-but-just-as-capable vehicle most recently. Toyota made a slew of changes to the 2023 Highlander, including a new four-cylinder engine, more tech options, and new exterior features.

When you look for your next family vehicle to take you and your loved ones around Virginia, you want to consider safety, space, technology, comfort, and affordability. The 2015 Toyota Highlander offers the best of all of these features in a budget-friendly family SUV with good gas mileage and up-to-date features.

No matter how long you will be in the car with your family, you want to enjoy the drive without the road noise getting in the way. The floor silencing insulation materials combine with acoustic-type windshield glass to keep your cabin quiet, letting you only hear the noise you want to, whether it is music or your children.

The folks at Good Housekeeping partner with the auto pros at Car and Driver and create a list of the best cars for families. Engineers, analysts, and parents test these vehicles. That third group can be the most important when it comes to finding the vehicle you want your family to enjoy.

Safety is important, especially when you have children to care for and protect. The names you find winning in the safety category might surprise you. U.S. News and World Report tells us the best family SUVs for safety are:

What is an SUV, and why might you want one? Well, a 'Sport Utility Vehicle' is a type of car that has the utility of a pickup truck with lots of space for those inside. Given this size and utility, they're particularly popular as family vehicles, and a lot of models over the past decade have proven to be very dependable and good-looking too. Maybe you'd like an all-rounder that can commute the whole family and the dogs through the week and carry lots of luggage and equipment at the weekends? Perhaps you'd like the extra room for road trips and holidays. Or you may even just want the space for a more comfortable ride. Whatever the case may be, you'll want to make sure your SUV is reliable.

We have consistently recommended that third-gen Toyota Highlanders are worth buying used because of their dependability, versatility, and family-oriented nature. For example, the 2018 model scored a respectable 86/100 for quality & reliability by J. D. Power, and the 2017 model scored 84.

There is plenty of room for the whole family across its 3 rows of seats, and there are many trims to choose from depending on your family size and individual needs. Plus, the later models have hybrid options, making them an economic choice in the long term.

The Audi Q7 is a mid-size luxury crossover SUV, and it was first launched in 2005. Since then, it has proven itself to be one of the best-performing luxury SUVs over the last decade, and it is especially popular in Europe. It's definitely one of the more stylish cars on the list, with a higher price point too, and it has a lot of room to fit the whole family.

If you're looking for a cheaper, smaller model the there is also the Q3 and Q5 models to choose from, both based on the same design. Plus, there re a number of reasons why we'd rather buy the Q8, even though it is a little pricey for a family SUV. 041b061a72


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