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The Doll House [v0.6]

My Town Home DollHouse is a fun game produced suitable for all ages, from children to those who have a hobby of playing. It is a new, unique version that gives players a friendly feeling when playing. This is a very famous game that attracts many kids to use it. This game is like a mobile version; instead of sitting and sewing and making dolls for the dolls, then coming to the game, players can easily perform the manipulations on the screen to create pictures for the doll. My Home Dollhouse, you will meet and interact with cute and kind dolls.

The Doll House [v0.6]

My Town Home Doll House allows people to create stories freely, set their own rules in the game kingdom. Play with your friends. Players can create a full family right in the game for themselves, design beautiful outfits by themselves, or decorate a spacious house for all the good. Mysterious adventures await you in the game to unlock it.

Home Dollhouse is a quite useful game type for players, where players will be mastered in their small house, taking care of their doll members to act as their godparents. Or can play the role of children depending on how you choose the character in the game, the player has the right to decide his actions. The game is entertaining but equally romantic, and love stories are also mentioned in the game. Even if you are FA in real life, you will meet the prince who matches you in the game, transforming into a beautiful doll queen.

Besides, this is also the premise for those who are passionate about fashion design or character creation. Players can play and refer right in the game very conveniently. Together, take care of the characters in the game. Children can use their imagination and creativity in many ways to explore 6 different rooms in this lovely house free daily as you want. Besides, also discover many new things in the game.

Released by the game house My Town Ltd, so the game always brings perfection to players from all angles. High-end graphics with exquisite design in every detail, easy to catch the eye. The images created in a childlike style bring a sense of closeness to the player. The sound is vivid and engaging through each session, especially each sound effect, and the image will be changed. In playing, players are not under pressure and stress to play games according to their favorites.

My Town Home Dollhouse has everything a dollhouse can offer. The thing to note here is that the game allows players to make in-app purchases; players can control actions without rules, do and play what they want. You will receive attractive gifts to build a house. 041b061a72


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