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[S4E16] Silent Service

The drug store calls to tell Lucy that Ricky left his hat there when picking up the breakfast orders, essentially exposing his lie to Lucy that he easily made the breakfast himself. Although unknown today, drug stores generally ran modest food service counters, serving light inexpensive fare, in addition to their apothecary duties.

[S4E16] Silent Service


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The episode was an immediate sensation with congratulatory telegrams flooding in to Desilu Studios, including one from silent screen star Colleen Moore: "Your program last night was the funniest I have ever seen anyplace, anywhere, and your scene with the putty nose should go down in history."

Despite not seeing the level of success as later designs, the 92S was adopted by practically every Italian police agency and helped set the stage for later developments on Beretta pistols. In 1977, the US Navy also ordered a large number of the modified 92S-1 after it outperformed competing pistols. The Beretta 92S was produced until 1984. Unlike its predecessor, the 92S is plentiful on the surplus market (due in large part to its long service life with Italian police) and prices are still quite low.

Introduced in 1980, the Beretta 92SB was the modified version of the 92S, with a changed magazine release and an ambidextrous and more ergonomic safety. The 92S-1 was a 92S which was modified to meet the requirements of a US Navy contract. The 92SB was differentiated from the 92S-1 by an automatic firing pin block safety that was added, as well as enhanced grip texture. The 92SB was adopted by the Italian State Police, Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza. One of the most important agencies to adopt the 92SB in the United States was the Connecticut State Police. Some of the other changes from the regular 92S include: retaining the 92S's straight front strap on the grip, but adding texturing on the front strap as well as an angular 92F-type trigger that replaced the curved 92S-type trigger. The 92SB is easily identified by its rounded trigger guard, as the 92F and 92FS would later incorporate the squared trigger guard. The 92SB was later modified in 1984 as the 92SB-F (with a squared trigger guard, Bruniton finish, a chrome lined bore and other minor changes) and was discontinued that year when the 92SB-F became the 92F and won the US Military Trials. Despite being produced for only four years, the 92SB did briefly see service as the US Air Force sidearm, though it was eventually replaced with the SIG-Sauer P228. The 92SB is one of the more scarce and desirable 92 variants.

Miss Martian debriefed the Team after a mission, then Aquaman arrived for an emergency meeting of the Justice League. He told Miss Martian that, as Team leader, she was allowed to observe the proceedings. He said it would be a difficult discussion, but Miss Martian assured him of her support. As Miss Martian silently observed the meeting, League members debated recent events and the League's purpose, which led to multiple members resigning.[81] 041b061a72


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