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My Life Eminem Mp3

Eurythmics singer Annie Lennox spoke candidly about what the group means to her: ["It's just part of my history and part of my life's work and it's a special thing, I think, looking at it from this distant point of view. I think the songs we've written and recorded together span quite a long period of time, and they're beautiful songs. It's a certain kind of sound. It's a certain kind of identity, I guess."] SOUNDCUE (:19 OC: . . . identity I guess)

My Life Eminem Mp3

flow to a whole new degree (musique concrete would seem to be a particularly inappropriate label here). becca and i created these sounds in a swimming pool this summer. i love the range of sounds one can coax from water: splashes, smacks, plunges, gurgles, bubbles, ripples, cannonballs. my brother nick, an increasingly swift and formidable freestyle battle-rapper, steps to the number-one-son for a little trading-fours, a freestyle mode i really enjoy (admittedly, nick and i wrote our verses, but in a loose manner closer to freestyle discourse). water references and brotherly put-downs proliferate. becca comes in at the end with a warning and an imperative. 041b061a72


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