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[S2E22] The One With The Two Parties

As the party's about to start, Rachel's father shows up unexpectedly. The guys hide him in Rachel's room when Rachel's mother shows up for the party. Phoebe distracts Mrs. Greene while the guys take Dr. Greene to their apartment, along with streamers from the party. Following their romantic dinner, Rachel is "surprised" to find a party for her, although not as surprised to have two parties - each of which has one of her parents.

[S2E22] The One With The Two Parties


Quickly things begin to go wrong. Monica rules over her party with an iron fist, complete with some boring games and a strict adherence to the rules. As a result, guests start abandoning the party and heading to Chandler and Joey's bash, which is a lot more fun and laid back. Meanwhile, Ross tries to bond with Rachel's parents, but makes a fool of himself. Rachel, on the other hand, has other problems on her mind, as she tries to spend time with both her mother and her father but the two find only negative things to say about each other, which is driving her crazy. When Ross goes to fetch Rachel's dad his drink, his glasses and cigarettes, Sandra spots him and recommends Rachel see a therapist (believing that Rachel chose to date a man exactly like her father).

Amazingly, despite numerous problems, the six friends manage to get both of Rachel's parents out of the parties without seeing each other. As Dr. Greene leaves Monica's, Joey turns Rachel's mom and kisses her on the lips until Rachel's dad is gone. Mrs. Greene slaps Joey lovingly on the cheek, exclaiming how this was the best party she's been to in years.

Phoebe: [cutting Mrs. Greene off] Ha-ha, that's great, ha-ha. I can't wait to hear the rest of it, ya know, but I really have to go to the bathroom so... Hey, come with me. Yeah, yeah, it'll be like we're gal pals, ya know, like at a restraunt. Oh, it'll be fun, c'mon. [they go in the bathroom]

Ross: Ohh, big smoker. [Packs the cigarettes and flings one on Mrs. Greene in the process. Finally gets one in his mouth and it look really out of place] Big big smoker. In fact I'm gonna go ou into the hallway and fire up this bad boy. [as he walks into the hall, he comes face to face with Mr. Greene]

Rachel: This is it, isn't it? I mean, this is what my life is gonna be like. My mom there, my dad there. Thanksgiving, Christmas. She gets the house, he's in some condo my sister's gonna decorate with wicker. Oh, Chandler how did you get through this?

Rachel: I could look at the bright side, I get two birthday parties and two birthday cakes.Chandler: Well, actually just one birthday flan.Rachel: What?Chandler: It's a traditional Mexican custard dessert... Look talk to Monica, she's on the food committee.

Nearly 30 years after it first aired, thanks to its abundance of comedy Friends is still wildly popular and is often regarded as one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. The Emmy-winning show has provided iconic and beloved characters who still resonate with fans today.

Throughout the 10 seasons, the six friends try to navigate their way through life and have provided audiences with several hilarious moments along the way. Despite every episode having its side-splittingly funny moments, certain episodes stand out as being the best in terms of comic value.

A Thanksgiving episode combined with Jack and Judy was never going to disappoint. When an old college lie comes back to haunt Ross, Monica outs him to their parents. This is one of the funniest Ross and Monica sibling moments as an incredible two minutes sees them reveal every secret about each other that they can think of.

The biggest revelation comes later when an old rumor about Ross making out with the school's 50-year-old librarian turns out to be true. The Thanksgiving episodes never disappoint, and this is up there with one of the best Friends episodes of all time thanks to its sharp wit and never-ending laughs.

The second season of Friends, an American sitcom created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, premiered on NBC on September 21, 1995. Friends was produced by Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions, in association with Warner Bros. Television. The season contains 24 episodes and concluded airing on May 16, 1996.

After getting his big break with Days of Our Lives, Joey pays Chandler back with $812 and gives him an engraved gold bracelet that Chandler thinks makes him look gay. Joey's feelings are hurt when he overhears Chandler complaining about it. Also, an unemployed Monica is hard up for money. A home video from Monica and Rachel's prom night reveals that Monica was previously overweight and Rachel had a large nose. Rachel's date, Chip, seemed to have stood her up, so Ross donned his father's tuxedo to take her to the prom, though Chip showed up at the last minute without Rachel knowing what Ross did. Rachel, overwhelmed by Ross's gesture, kisses him.

Joey buys a big screen TV and two leather recliners with his soap opera salary, turning him and Chandler into "couch potatoes" who spend days watching TV and never getting out of the chairs. Monica has a catering job for handsome Dr. Richard Burke (Tom Selleck), an ophthalmologist, who is an old family friend. He and Monica are mutually smitten and later go on a date. Ross and Rachel attempt to have their first real date, though Rachel has difficulty adapting to their new romantic relationship, breaking into giggles at inappropriate times. Just before their next date, Ross has a museum emergency, so Rachel tags along. They spend the night in a museum exhibit, waking up nude and under an animal skin, to visitors (mostly children) gawking at them.

Bobby sees Sam and knows immediately what Dean has done but plays along, and privately reproaches Dean. So far Bobby has found a huge number of demonic omens appearing in the state of Wyoming, except for one particular area of the state. Ellen appears at Bobby's and, after Bobby gets her to drink holy water to confirm that she is not possessed, she produces a map of Wyoming that Ash left. On the map, five locations have been marked with Xs. Each X marks an abandoned frontier church, all mid-19th century, built by Samuel Colt. A set of iron railway lines connecting each church forms a pentagram, making a hundred-square-mile devil's trap.

Jake arrives in Wyoming and the Yellow-Eyed Demon gives him instructions to open a crypt with the Colt as the key. On arriving at the cemetery, Dean, Sam, Bobby, and Ellen ambush Jake but are overpowered by his psychic powers. Jake unlocks the crypt and is shot dead multiple times by Sam. Dean removes the Colt and they dive for cover as the doors are flung open and a tremor ripples out from the crypt, breaking the railway line and thus the devil's trap. Hundreds of demons and ghosts fly out of the crypt, which is actually a Devil's Gate -- an entrance to Hell -- and enter the world.

John shares an emotional moment with his sons, then moves on and disappears. Sam finds out the truth about his death and what Dean did to save him. In an emotional moment of brotherly love, Sam swears that he will get Dean out of his deal. Even though the Yellow-Eyed Demon died, an army of demons was unleashed; the war has just begun.

Crossroads Demon: First of all, quit groveling. Needy guys are such a turnoff. Look... Look, I shouldn't be doing this. I could get in a lot of trouble. But what can I say? I got a blind spot for you, Dean. You're like a... puppy. You're just too fun to play with. I'll do it.Dean: You'll bring him back?

In every generation there is a chosen one. She alone messed up her finger and has to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to do this recap, so expect some typos. She will also recap every episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer with an eye to the following themes:

The episode starts with Finn and Jake looking at the night sky with Hot Dog Princess at her house. The two hope for a shooting star so that they can wish for an Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant. A firework is shot into the sky, which Jake initially mistakes for being a shooting star. The firework then explodes and spells the acronym B.U.T.T. Hot Dog Princess quickly identifies this as a distress signal from her other Hot Dog Knights, who were sent to rescue her other other Hot Dog Knights from a labyrinth. She says that the acronym means "Baby Us Trouble Time," and takes this to mean that the Knights are in grave danger, as Hot Dog Knights are notoriously "slow." Since the Hot Dog Knights in the yard are playing in the mud, Finn and Jake tell Hot Dog Princess that she does not need to worry and offer to rescue the knights themselves.When they arrive at the Labyrinth, Jake suggests they merely stretch over the walls, but Finn points out a nearby sign that reads "No Cheating Or You DIE." Jake then comes up the idea of wrapping his legs around a tree stump and stretching his body through the Labyrinth to prevent the duo from getting lost. They are only a few feet in the Labyrinth when they find the Hot Dog Knights that sent the distress signal, who are afraid that they will be eaten. Not long after Jake explains that he and Finn are there to save them, one of the knights tells of a magical wish-granting creature at the center of the labyrinth. Finn and Jake seize the opportunity so that everyone will receive their wishes when they reach the end of the Labyrinth. As they descend deeper in the Labyrinth, Finn and Jake sing a song. Afterwards, Finn notices that Jake's stretching powers are pushed closer and closer to their limits and his strength begins to wane, as he is also forced to use his powers to combat various traps. While Finn suggests that they should turn back for Jake's own good, the knights cheer Jake on, and so they continue in spite of Jake's weakening condition.As the group draws closer to the center of the labyrinth, a giant statue holding a puzzle poses as what appears to be the final obstacle. Even though Jake is so stretched out he cannot even close his eyes, he continues to push himself at the request of the knights. He solves the puzzle, allowing them all entrance to the center where they meet Aquandrius who will grant their wishes. They enter the chamber, accidentally leaving one of the knights behind who winds up breaking the puzzle. The door slams shut and crushes Jake, trapping the others inside as well. Finn thinks that all they have to do is wish themselves out, but when one of the knights rushes for the Eel, he is killed by a trap. Once again Jake strains his body so that he can carry the others across the lethal hidden traps in the floor. Aquandrius warns them that there are "no do-overs." The remaining two Hot Dog Knights take their small magical orbs and wish for a box and to blow up (the second who wished to blow up wanted to grow in size, but exploded instead.) Jake absentmindedly wishes he was not so hungry, and receives a sandwich. With only one wish left, Finn must ultimately decide whether or not to save Jake or wish for the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant that they both wanted. In the end, he wishes for the elephant, and has it wish for Finn's friends to be saved. Jake and the Hot Dog Knights appear alive and well, and they leave with Finn on the elephant, with Aquandrius cursing them as they leave. 041b061a72


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