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Owen Williams
Owen Williams

Fake Bondage !!BETTER!!

Nearly all of the 16 images found on the disk depicted bondage scenes, according to a forensic examination report by the Orlando Police Department. Some of the images showed a nude woman while others were drawings.

fake bondage

Fake products like medicinal drugs have had huge negative Social-economic impact across Africa causing over 120,000 and loss of billions of dollars yearly. 2 out of 10 Nigerians have been victims of fake drugs.

Several companies in Africa built solutions to handle this problem but the setback include inability technologically proven way of tracking/flagging dealers and manufacturers of fake drugs. Existing technologies number codes are prone to re-use by fake drug dealers to deceive people and they do not provide Manufacturers with Business intelligence and insight needed for product improvement.

The GPS/Geotagging feature of Smart Phones would be employed in help to record the location from where scanning is done and will flag or blacklist locations where fake drugs have been scanned. This will will enable relevant Authorities and original Manufacturers to track fac drug dealers for them to be reprimanded. 041b061a72


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