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Acrobat Reader

If you have experienced any problems with opening "Fillable" forms on the Attorney General's Office website while using Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Please follow the instructions on how to change Chrome, Firefox or Safari to open PDF files using Adobe Acrobat Reader instead of the browser built in PDF reader.

acrobat reader

If have an older installation then please make sure to read the general terms of use and uninstall any old Reader and plug-in installation before installing the new reader and the plug-in. The integration works with the 2019.010.20064 version of Acrobat Reader DC and Acrobat DC. Please do not use the plug-in with an earlier version of Acrobat.

If the package fails on Windows 8.1 or earlier, this might be due to the installation of kb2919355 (which is a dependency of this package) if your system is not up-to-date. This KB requires a reboot of the system before the adobereader package installs successfully.

Acrobat Reader is a type of freeware developed by Adobe systems as a .pdf reader (Portable Document Format). Users can view, print and email .pdf documents along with newer premium features which include converting files to .pdf and vice versa and creating professional, interactive fillable forms such as questionnaires or application forms. Acrobat Reader automatically installs a plug-in for Netscape Navigator allowing users to view .pdf forms through their web browser.

I'm using Adobe Acrobat Reader version 9.4 under Debian Lenny. I'm experiencing a problem: when I push the "Show one page at a time" button, I expect the page to zoom such that pressing PgUp/PgDn would turn to the next/previous page. However, the zoom seems to be not enough - very thin bottom portion of the page doesn't fit inside the reader window, and pressing PgUp/PgDn gives the jitter of the same page, and I have to push twice to get to the next page. It is even worse in continuous page mode - a roll of pages begin to be non-synced with window boundaries, ending up with page break right in the middle of the view after several turns of the pages.

It sounds like someone either installed a new program that reassigned the association of PDFs as ePDFs or someone used Windows Explorer to open an ePDF file and also changed the association of the PDF extension to the ePDF reader program. 041b061a72


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