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It is likely that during the first 3 centuries of the second millennium AD, Swahili society was being increasingly exposed to the influences of cultures and small-scale immigration of peoples from around the Indian Ocean (Fleisher et al. 2015: 102). This influx of people could have affected mortuary practices as, with increased immigration, the urban dead were not brought to a place of origin for burial but interred in the towns, which might have resulted in creating new places of origin, in a manner similar to the processes known from urban Africa today (Jindra and Noret 2011: 18). This process may have brought yet more settlers, connected via kinship, from the extended families of the initial groups of urban migrants, and helped to create the concept of ummah, Muslim community, in the context of initial conversion to Islam on the coast.

The Settlers 2: Awakening of Cultures Download ...



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