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David Hughes
David Hughes

A Field In England YIFY !EXCLUSIVE!

Well the critics liked Ben Wheatley's take on the English civil war.It is a trippy monochrome art house mystical film which has some good individual scenes but it never comes together.Reece Shearsmith plays Whitehead, a cowardly scholar who is deserting from the war. He bands with others running away, making their way to a alehouse on the next hill.They come across the sinister, devil worshipping wizard O'Neil (Michael Smiley) who feeds them with magic mushrooms and forces them to look for buried treasure somewhere in the field.There are scenes where the characters pose for a painting. There is a weird scene where Whitehead has been transformed to a human metal detector.There is some strange twisted humour in this film. I expected a modernised flip side to The Witchfinder's General but was left disappointed.

A Field in England YIFY

Playing field or whatever field your cup of tea is (no pun intended). This film that is a strange step to take for the director (especially considering the movie he did before this), works more than nicely. It is black and white and it is very strange, while being medieval it does have a few strange fantasy moments thrown in there for good measure.The acting is really good and it gets violent (might get away in some countries with some of it, because of the missing color to show the real consequences of some of it) more than once. This is not flavor of the month, but something that will either entice you or appall you from the start. So if you are checking this out, you should know quickly if you want to follow this road 041b061a72


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