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Ship Simulator 2006 PC Game - Free Download Full Version [CRACKED]

Ship Simulator 2006 is the classic ship simulation game, in which you can steer various ships in different environments. Both the graphical quality of the ships and their dynamic behavior are completely realistic, making the game not only fun to play, but teaching you something about ships and ship handling as well.

Ship Simulator 2006 PC Game - Free Download Full Version

Download Zip:

Transform Jill Valentine into the Titanic, flip the zombies into yachts and swap that creepy mansion for the Phi Phi Islands, and you have Ship Simulator 2006. It's by no means the best game in the world, but guiding an unresponsive cargo ship around an oncoming freighter had my head cocked in empathy. As the port sides of the two ships sheared against each other I just enough as to not cause damage, the tension was so much that my legs were wrapped around the monitor.

I'm being distracting; this is a proper ship simulator. And within that bracket, it faithfully reproduces long, combatless floating sessions. Even with its isolated moments of zombie-esque terror and hamstrung tension, I'll admit I probably won't be playing this one in my dreams.

Ship Simulator is a ship simulator, a type of vehicle simulation computer game which simulates maneuvering various ships in different environments, although without the effects of wind and current. It was developed by Dutch company VSTEP and released by the former company Lighthouse Interactive, which closed down in 2009.

The first version of Ship Simulator was released in 2006 and was titled Ship Simulator 2006. The user can steer various ships, amongst others a Rotterdam water taxi, a container ship and even the ill-fated RMS Titanic, in various weather conditions and in three real-life harbours, which are Rotterdam, Hamburg and Phi Phi Islands in Thailand; a fourth harbour, New York City was later released as a free download. A game element is added to the simulation by means of forty "missions" which have to be completed as fast or as accurately as possible.[1] Users can also design their own missions, and share with others.[2] The game has a built-in scenario editor to create new missions.

An official expansion for Ship Simulator 2008 titled Ship Simulator 2008 New Horizons was released in April, 2008. The add-on features eight new ships, the addition of multiplayer functionality, a new sailing area (Padstow, Cornwall), twenty new missions, in game downloading of new missions, option to connect and disconnect barges to the pushboat in-game, and new walkthrough options.[3]

Additions to the game include new locations around the world from cold Antarctica to warm Bora Bora as well as new ships (including official licensed Greenpeace vessels) and new dynamic and more realistic weather and water systems. Most vessels from Ship Simulator 2008 are also part of the choice of ships. The cruise ship "Ocean Star" from Ship Simulator 2006/2008 is also included, except outside colors have changed and the name changed to "Orient Star". Vessels have more usable controls and more realistic ones, unlike Ship Simulator 2008 in which only the whistle, binoculars, thrust, rudder and thrusters (if applicable on the vessel) are usable, although you can listen to the ship's radio but not send out calls. Sinking dynamics and physics have also improved in Ship Simulator Extremes. Also unlike Ship Simulator 2008, you can launch lifeboats/motorboats off a suitable vessel. Following a campaign by members of their growing fanbase, VSTEP agreed to include the ports of Dover and Calais (in one environment).[5]

The wide world of Ship Simulator 2006 comes alive! Whether calm aquamarine inlets or deep saltwater harbors, the game's water graphics are stunningly realistic. Watch the ripples as your ship slices through the water, the wake it leaves behind, and its shimmering reflection on a sunny day.

In the spirit of Microsoft's Flight Simulator series or Auran's Trainz releases, Ship Simulator 2006 is serious software designed to model watercraft in action, accurately and authentically. Players can choose from nine basic models of ship, including speedboats, yachts, and even ocean liners, and the game offers three navigable virtual environments, set in busy Rotterdam Harbor (Netherlands), upstream Hamburg Harbor (Germany), and the tropical islands of Phi Phi (Thailand). There are 37 pre-designed missions, to help virtual skippers get their feet wet, but an included scenario editor lets players design their own challenges and share them with others online.

Ship Simulator 2006 was released in different parts of the world on different dates, ranging around August 2005. The RMS Titanic was the game's primary selling point. The first edition of the game contained 9 ships and 3 ports to sail in - these being Hamburg, Phi Phi Islands and the Port of Rotterdam. New York harbour was added later in a patch release. These environments, which also appear in Ship Simulator 2008, remain largely unchanged. The current maximum amount of vessels one can have on their game is 16, and the maximum number of environments is 4.

A big part of the appeal of any weapon-free transport sim is just rambling around in the vehicle of your choice. That said it's always good to have a store of scenarios in reserve for occasions when you fancy a bit of reassuring structure. SS2006 provides 40 scored activities for such times, ten of which are available from the start (the rest are unlocked one by one as rewards for mission success). At the beginning the challenges tend to be short and simple: move these containers from here to there, take these passengers from A to B, jump these ramps with the powerboat. Later on jobs get lengthier, tougher, and more complex; you start bad-mouthing the devs for not including a mid-mission save facility, and ranting at the Port Authorities for not making their berths more spacious. Yes, manoeuvring large ships in small, congested spaces can be a surprisingly tricky and entertaining business. With damage levels tracked and no time limits to fret about, everything comes down to how delicately you steer your tub. Thump the quayside, nudge the freighter in the next berth, or run down an AI yacht while crossing traffic lanes and usually you forfeit the mission.

A new non-military sim can get away with skimping on detail, it can get away with a meagre choice of vehicles and scenery, if - and this a Lusitania-sized 'if' - it lets enthusiastic fans fill in gaps. The prospects for community-made content don't look fantastic in SS2006's case. Although the game ships with a friendly mission editor (the fruits of which are already being distributed via the official forums) it looks as though VSTEP don't intend to encourage the kind of free-for-all mod culture that has underpinned the success of the MS sims. Instead it seems they'd rather work with a select band of quality-approved mod-makers and supplement the game themselves (a free NYC harbour add-on will apparently be released to coincide with the US launch). We'll have to wait and see how this strategy works out.

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