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Landon Rogers
Landon Rogers

Open Love Life V1.1 Mod

Made an account just to comment. I can confidently say that my life is divided into my life before Cove and after Cove Holden. I am obsessed with this game. The story, the characters, everything is amazing. I played this and bought the DLCs almost a year ago and up to this day I still enjoy replaying it over and over. Even until now I still find dialogue I have not yet seen and that's just incredible, just goes to show how much love went into this game. I am absolutely obsessed over Our Life:B&A and will never stop playing. Playing through it, living life with Cove through the game, it's such a fantastical experience.

Open Love Life v1.1 Mod

Download Zip:

You need to have HALF-LIFE installed on your STEAM (original half-life, no half-life:source or Half-life2). Run it at least one time. Install BraveBrain v1.1 to your STEAM/steamapps/common/Half-life directory and restart STEAM.

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