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Matthew Wright
Matthew Wright

[S6E10] Epi Sexy

Pete spends another night with his new lady friend and attempts to make her have a seizure using various methods. He fails but has sex with her anyway -- sex he deems "great, but not epi-sexy." Kevin semi-calls out Andre for picking up a player he had on his scout team but does by pulling a "guilt con." He refuses to let Andre know he knows that Andre's not actually blind. How very "Friends" of him. Rafi shows up to make things weird, as per usual. He tells the gang about his two new defense classes. One is self-defense for women and the other is self-defense for the men against the women's self-defense moves. In discussing it, he tells the guys about how he takes speed and ends up tackling Pete to the ground to show them his lightning fast moves. The guys pick Pete up and dust him off, telling Rafi to cool it. Then Rafi takes a shit in his pants and everyone realizes it's time to go.

[S6E10] Epi Sexy

It wasn't supposed to be like this. Margaery had artfully planned a long con to wrest her husband and the realm from Cersei while dodging the judgment of the Seven. She endured far too many episodes in a dark cell, far from her shampoo and sexy dresses, and when she escaped, her feline sensuality was watered down by the demands of religion: Her hair in plain natural waves instead of artful curls, her gracefully smashed cleavage hidden by high collars, the smile of a supplicant instead of her trademark smirk.

When Homer and Marge's sex life fizzles, they seek help to spice up their marriage. Homer peruses books like the Kama Sutra, but Marge wants "a tasteful book" so they settle on Mr. and Mrs. Erotic American, a Paul Harvey book-on-tape. Harvey recommends couples bathe together, but their faucet breaks because the Simpsons' bathtub cannot accommodate Homer and Marge. Next, they try renting a sexy theme room at a hotel, but are forced to sleep in a utility room because the rooms are sold out. 041b061a72


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