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Lucas Gonzalez
Lucas Gonzalez

Herman Joseph Beer Where To Buy [BEST]

The Greater New York Brewery survived and apparently moved their operation to Brooklyn where they remained operative or at least maintained facilities up through 1950 or 1951. In 1942 the company listed their office on First Avenue in Manhattan but their plant was now listed at the previously acquired City Brewing plant address of 912 Cypress Avenue in Brooklyn. The First Avenue office listing was dropped the following year but the Brooklyn plant address remained listed in the NYC Telephone Book through 1951. This November 13, 1947 Brooklyn Daily Eagle advertisement confirmed that they were still brewing beer at that time.

herman joseph beer where to buy

The introduction of the Juicy IPA Pack marks a departure for the 15-year-old brewery, a flex of its creative muscles in an effort to find new avenues to growth within Colorado, the only state where its beers are sold. 041b061a72


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