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Buy 212 Area Code

Like many foibles specific to living in New York City, the local obsession with the hallowed 212 area code can be illustrated by a "Seinfeld" plotline. In the season nine episode "The Maid," Elaine changes her 212 phone number and is saddled with the then-new 646. This sets off a series of frustrating and humiliating encounters, including her being rejected by a man solely because of her suspicious area code.

buy 212 area code

As part of the creation of the North American Numbering Plan in 1947, New York was assigned the 212, 315, 518, 716 and 914 area codes. At that time, the 212 area code covered all five boroughs of New York City. It was considered one of the easiest area codes to dial on a rotary phone because it involved the least amount of movement.

In 1984, with the city's population increasing and more and more New Yorkers using telephones, the 718 area code was added for Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. By 1992, 718 was expanded to the Bronx, making 212 exclusively a Manhattan area code. The entire city was also overlaid with the 917 area code around that time, and by 1999, 646 was added for Manhattan as well. (Another area code, 332, was added in 2017.)

By 2009, the FCC reported that 212 phone numbers had almost been completely depleted. Around that time, cellphone use began eclipsing landline use. As a result, many people wanted to transfer (or "port") their beloved 212 numbers to their mobile phones. Those without the coveted area code turned to other means to acquire one: buying them on eBay, sharing leads whenever one of the major carriers made them available, or resorting to third-party services that sell them at a premium.

David Day is one of those providers. The 43-year-old began collecting 212 numbers in the late '00s, and started his business in 2009. He estimates he's sold tens of thousands of 212 numbers over the last 14 years, charging about $150 for a standard number, and going up as high as $20,000 (for 212-460-0000) and $35,000 (for 212-666-4444) for particularly unique numbers. (For what it's worth, someone once tried to sell a 212 number for $1 million.)

"A lot of businesses that order from us tell us that it gives them some kind of credibility, it gives them some kind of established status in Manhattan when you have a 212 number," he said. "If a customer calls a 929 area code, which is a recent area code, then they understand it's a relatively new business. If they were an older, more established business, they should probably have a 212 number."

Manny Quintero, 35, first became aware of 212 numbers because of that "Seinfeld" episode. He works in finance, and says he got a wakeup call from a recruiter who scolded him for having a 509 area code and not using an iPhone for interviews. Just before the start of the pandemic, he went to a third-party app and snagged his own 212 number.

Expand your reach in an affordable and efficient manner. Suppose you want to expand to Greater Long Island . Simply purchase a phone number in the 516 area code and have it forward to any of your existing numbers. Your employees can work from anywhere in the country receiving every function of a PBX system using any number from a 415 Area Code to a 760 Area Code with CallFire.

That is what you had to say each time you wanted to call someone before AT&T and Bell Systems created the first 86 area codes in January of 1947. In the early years of landline telephony, operators were responsible for connecting the caller to the recipient. Area codes automated the process by routing long-distance phone calls and replacing operators in the process.

However, the fame of 212 extends far outside the borders of The Big Apple. Most Americans as well as many business people all around the world know that this area code is a status symbol. Rest assured that a business card with that number in the brackets holds much more weight than one without it.

Luckily, some websites sell 212 area code phone numbers. You can get a standard Manhattan telephone number for a one-time fee of around $150. Alternatively, you can choose more memorable numbers that range from a couple of hundreds of dollars to even thousands.

Also, you can search for an ideal number on eBay. People that are moving out of New York sometimes choose to sell their right to use the number on this website. For the same reason, phone companies will occasionally have the 212 area code phone numbers available.

The final question remains: What if you need more 212 area code phone numbers? In that case, you need a reliable website that sells them and one of the best business phone systems to help you manage sales and customer support collaboration. This is where Ringblaze comes to your aid.

Now that you know the story behind the 212 area code and how these simple three digits can do wonders for businesses of all sorts, you might already be on the lookout for these telephone numbers that spell success.

If you do the math, there are about 8 million possible telephone numbers for each area code. The administration divvies the numbers up among phone companies like Verizon and Comcast. Those companies pass the numbers along to you. Eventually, they run out. And the only way to get one of these numbers from the phone company is if somebody else gives one up.

Area codes 212, 646, and 332 are area codes in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for most of the borough of Manhattan in New York City. By area, it is one of the smallest numbering plan areas (NPAs).[1] The three area codes form an overlay numbering plan, and are also overlaid by area code 917 of a numbering plan area that comprises the entirety of New York City. Area code 212 is the original code assigned for all of the city in 1947. After a restriction of 212 to just Manhattan in 1985, area code 646 was assigned in 1999. In 2015, area code 332 was added to the Manhattan overlay.

Area code 212 is one of the original 86 area codes assigned by AT&T in 1947, originally serving all five boroughs of New York City. For the next 37 years, New York City was one of the largest toll-free calling zones in North America.

On February 1, 1984, in response to a request from New York Telephone, the New York Public Service Commission voted to create a second area code for New York City. The split was implemented in a way that divided the city's three million telephone numbers roughly in half. Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island received the new area code 718, while Manhattan and the Bronx kept 212. Amid protests from local officials and state lawmakers, the commission was persuaded by New York Telephone's reasoning that a new area code was needed to "prevent an impending exhaustion of telephone numbers."[2][3]

On July 1, 1992, the 718 territory was expanded to include the Bronx and the Marble Hill neighborhood of Manhattan (see below), while the rest of Manhattan remained in 212. Permissive dialing of 212 continued across the Bronx until May 16, 1993, during which either 212 or 718 could be used; after that date, 718 had to be used for telephone calls to the Bronx from everywhere outside the borough except the three boroughs that originally had the 718 code, and Bronx residents telephoning Manhattan had to dial 212.[5] On September 25, 1993, callers from the Bronx no longer had to dial 718 to reach Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.[6]

During November 2015, area code 332 was assigned as a third overlay area code for Manhattan,[9][10] the fourth serving the area and the seventh serving New York City. Area code 332 became active on June 10, 2017,[11][12] as area code 212 was expected to become depleted of numbers during the third quarter of 2017,[13][14] and 646 is expected to become depleted of numbers by 2018.[15] This effectively allocates 23.4 million numbers to a borough of 1.6 million people.

When the Bronx was reassigned with area code 718 in 1992, Marble Hill residents fought unsuccessfully to retain 212. Marble Hill's trunks are wired into the Bronx wire center, as it would have been too expensive for New York Telephone to rewire them.

The scarcity of available telephone numbers in area code 212, combined with it being the city's original area code, result in the 212 area code being considered prestigious by some Manhattan residents.[18][19] Businesses now sell telephone numbers with 212 area codes, though it is uncertain whether the customer or the telephone company is the legal owner of a phone number.[20]

During August 2010, AT&T reported that there are no new numbers available in the 212 area code.[21] Several years before then, new landlines in Manhattan started to be assigned numbers in 917 (or 646). In addition, the Inwood section in far northern Manhattan is overlaid with area code 347, which also began as a cellphone area code.[22] Those who now get a 212 area code must rely on luck of the draw when they establish their service or use websites where they can purchase a telephone number with the area code which they can port to their landline or cellphone service.[15]

212AreaCode to satisfy the need of many businesses and personal clients seeking the 212 area code. They have started by obtaining 212 phone numbers for friends and family, once the demand for the product grew, they established a website to offer this great service to all New Yorkers as well as clients from other states who wish to have a 212 area

New York is a fantastic place to call home and a gorgeous vacation destination! So, whether you're looking for a cool New Yorker sweatshirt that represents your city, university, the Yankees, the Mets or the majestic Statue of Liberty, our vintage athletic inspired "New York 212" sweater shows some mad love! Brooklyn hipsters and sports fans will unite over this city loving area code top. This sporty top also makes a great college gift, vacation sweatshirt, or sweater to wear in lieu of a jersey to your next sporting event.

Mr. Pugliese has devised a way to procure, by the dozen, cellphone numbers with the coveted prefix. He sells them on eBay and Craigslist to the tune of $250 each, earning about $1,000 monthly. His clients come from far and wide, including dejected New Yorkers stuck with the less recognizable 718, 347, or 646 area codes, and people from upstate and New Jersey. He even has customers in Florida and Georgia. 041b061a72


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