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Landon Rogers
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Converted Ford F150

The car conversion company typically uses a BorgWarner HVH250 permanent-magnet motor. The motor carries a rating of 214 horsepower and 295 pounds-feet of torque. Putting numbers around this, an Ecotuned F150 EV would have a top-end of about 106 mph and a 12-second 0 to 60 time. In an interesting twist, instead of using a continuously velocity tuned (CVT) transmission, Ecotuned uses a two-speed transmission, made by racing component maker Bert. Because of this, Ecotuned converted trucks can tow up to 18,000 pounds. Gladu described a downshift from low up to 59 mph. A specialized PID controller blips or brakes the electric motor about three times the rpm in a quarter of a second.

Converted Ford F150

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The company encourages its customers to customize their trucks as much as they want, to create a truly custom and individual feel to each of these vehicles. There are endless wheel and tire options, a whole host of fabricated bumper upgrades, LED lights, side steps and even more beside to offer for your truck. There are even overlanding accessories and other upgrades available that can either tailor your converted F-150 into an adventure style truck, or one that is more comfortable for daily driving, commutes and long road trips, and the PaxPower F-150 will handle all those tasks with ease.

The full-size pickup which has been converted to right-hand-drive by Melbourne-based RMA, went through the same tests as the locally-developed Ranger and Everest, making sure it can withstand the harshest conditions. The truck was exposed to extreme temperatures ranging between -40 and +50 Celsius (-40 and 105 Fahrenheit), going through several water crossing, mud, sand, and corrosion tests. It also towed a 4.5-tonne (9,921 pounds) trailer with a boat on a high-speed oval track which is the limit of its towing capabilities.

The entire range-extended electric system adds approximately 200 lbs (91 kg) to the net vehicle weight, says ALTe CEO John Thomas, adding that the F-150 REEP equals or exceeds the performance of the 4.6L V8 Ford powertrain originally installed in the vehicle. The converted pickup has a towing capacity of 6,500 lbs (2,948 kg).

Because of the use of a two-speed transmission by Bert, a maker of racing components, the Ecotuned converted trucks can now tow up to 18,000 pounds, according to Gladu. The truck will downshift to low up to 59 mph and uses a special PID controller to blip or brake the electric motor to or from approximately three times the rpm in just a quarter of a second.

We have taken the heart & passion of \"one off\" handmade products and combined them with the latest cad and computer software engineering to make them consistent, reliable, and affordable enought to re-produce for the off-road consumer. We strive to bring the same standard of quality and performance the professional demands... To you, the off-road enthusiast.

The Social Security Administration disallowed the claimant's application for supplemental security income because of excess resources. Under pertinent regulatory criteria, a resource is defined to include real or personal property which may be converted to cash and used for support and maintenance. Thus, the property is considered a resource if the claimant had the right to convert it to cash to be used for his support and maintenance. The claimant is allowed to exclude from his countable resources the value of one vehicle (provided the value does not exceed prescribed amounts). In addition to cash, the claimant owned several vehicles, and held a note and Deed of Trust, and a contract for sale for balance owed him for the sale of several pieces of property. Held, the excess vehicles, the note and Deed of Trust, and the contract of sale could be converted to cash and used for the claimant's support and maintenance, and thus, after considering their approximate market value, the claimant's non-excludable resources exceed the amount permitted under title XVI of the Social Security Act and he is therefore ineligible for supplemental security income benefits.

This invention relates to a hinge assembly for pickup trucks that allows the bed of the truck to be converted from a fixed bed to a rotatable bed, without appreciably raising the bed height. More particularly, the invention allows for rotation of the truck bed while providing a mechanism for attachment of the original bumper to the rotating bed using the original brackets. 041b061a72


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